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Cleaning Clogged Sewer Line in Seattle, WA

Cleaning Clogged Sewer Line Seattle, WAThe sewer lines in your home are responsible for sending waste away from your home. When one or more of the lines are clogged, you may hear a gurgling sound coming from your drains. You might also see your toilet water bubbling, or you may see water backing up in your shower or bathtub whenever you flush the toilet.
These are clear symptoms of a clogged sewer, and with Raymark Plumbing’s help, we can get to the cause of the problem. Some of the most common causes of a clogged sewer are…

At Raymark Plumbing, we know what a hassle a clogged sewer or sewer drain can be for your house. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a quality service to all our customers.

Clogged Sewer Line Cost

On average, cleaning a clogged sewer drain or line costs between $150 and $200. The type of problem you have will determine how much a cleaning service will cost. There are several factors that play into the total cost of cleaning a clogged sewer line.

The location of the drains and sewer line matter. If your drain or sewer line is difficult to reach and clean, then you will usually be charged more money based on the added time and money needed to fix the problem.

The amount of cleaning that must be done will also play a role. If your sewer line is extremely dirty, then your plumber may need to use a power scrubber to get the job done. This will also cost more money.

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We always recommend calling a professional for any major clogged sewer.  When you have a clogged sewer, you can count on the experts at Raymark Plumbing to get the job done right. Call us at 206-440-9077 today.

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