Raymark plumbers are professional and experienced gas line certified technicians.  If you already have gas in your home, we will run gas lines for hot water heaters, kitchen ranges, dryers, fireplaces. Moreover, we run gas lines for outdoor fire pits and barbecues.  Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954 for help with your gas line needs.  

A Gas Line Needs A Plumber

  • Gas lines require specific pipes, valves, and tools. Above all, a licensed plumber is needed to ensure gas line work is performed safely and correctly. 
  • Proper installation is key. Gas is a potential and deadly danger to your family, home, and neighborhood if improperly installed.  Therefore, be safe and call Raymark.
  • You must have a natural gas service already running to your home before a new line can be run to additional areas and appliances.
  • Plumbing code determines the required length and depth of a gas line.

Gas Line Maintenance

Home owners are responsible for maintaining the gas lines that exit the meter.  Perform regular checks to make sure your gas lines are not rusting or leaking. Outside lines get more weather exposure and need protection.

Earthquake Protection

Raymark recommends installing a main gas shut off valve for earthquake protection. This valve is triggered by movement.  Therefore, in the event of an earthquake, the gas is shut off and your home is protected. 

Further Info

Another key point is to assess if you’d like to install a manual shut off valve on your outdoor fireplace or barbecue. This allows you to turn the gas off during Seattle’s months of inclement weather.

For information on installing a gas water heater, see our Water Heaters page.

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Gas Line FAQs

  • Will your plumbers install a gas line to my home?

    Raymark plumbers install gas lines in homes that have an existing gas line. If the pipe from the gas line in the street to your home does not exist, you will need to get that installation completed first by contacting Puget Sound Energy or your local gas company.


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