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Emergency Plumbing

You may have clicked on “Emergency Plumbing” because you need help NOW. 

Your emergency is our emergency.  If you are without water or unable to use your facilities, make our office aware of your situation. These emergencies take precedence.  Whatever your emergency is, we are here to help.

Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954.  One of our expert technicians will assess the situation and give you options to fix the problem now.  

If you have a water leak:

  • Is this leak constant or intermittent?  Can you control the leak? 
  • Can you tell if the leak is fresh water or waste water?
  • Is there an odor to the water?
  • If you have water stains or water damage, the leak may have been going on for awhile. See our Plumbing Leak Repair page for more information.
  • If the leak is an immediate problem, don’t hesitate.  Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954.  We are here to help. 

Is water running and you can’t control it?

  • If a fresh water pipe burst, or water is leaking from a pipe or valve, find your home’s water shut off valve and turn off the water to the house. This shut off valve should be clearly marked and is usually located where the water service comes into the house, often close to the hot water tank.
  • If you are unable to locate your main shut off, contact Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954 and we will manage the emergency.

Is water still leaking outside or have you received an elevated water bill?

  • If fresh water is still running after the house shut off valve is closed, go outside and look at your city meter.  Is it still moving? If so, you may have a break in the line
  • Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954. We have the tools needed to shut off your water at the meter.

Did a faucet break or water won’t shut off?

  • Most faucets have a water shut off valve under their sink. Raymark recommends shutting the water off at that location to control the leak.
  • If there’s no shut off at the faucet, try to find the home’s water shut off valve and then try to turn off the water to the house.
  • Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954. We will take care of the problem.

Is sewer backing up?

  • If your sewer is backing up, stop using your water and don’t flush the toilets. Consider going to a neighbor’s house to use the facilities.
  • Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954. We can get your sewer open and flowing as expected.

Is sewer backing up in a storm or heavy rain?

  • If there’s too much water for your side sewer to handle, try redirecting your downspouts away from the side sewer line.  The intent is to redirect the water from the pipe going into the ground, and into trees or areas away from the house.
  • Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954 for help.  We’ve been performing drain and sewer work for over 40 years and are the experts in this field.

Is a toilet clogged and guests are coming?

  • Try and plunge the toilet with a toilet plunger (not a flat bottomed sink plunger)
  • If the toilet won’t clear, call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954. Our expert plumbers are happy to help.
  • See Raymark’s Toilet Repair/Replacement page for more information about toilets

Are multiple drains plugged or slow?

  • If drainage problems are located at the lowest level of your home, you may have a sewer problem. See our Sewer Repair and Replacement page for more information about your sewer and drain lines.
  • If only a section of drains is affected, it may be a clog in one of the drain lines
  • Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer at 206-430-1954.  Our experienced technicians know everything about drains and sewer lines and are happy to help  you.

If calling during the week day, call 206-430-1954, (regular business hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday), and tell the Customer Service Rep that you have an emergency.  Most times, we can schedule emergency service the same day.

If calling after hours, call 206-430-1954 and you will be directed to our emergency line.  Leave a message on this line and one of our reps will get back to you ASAP.

Schedule your Raymark appointment today by calling 206-430-1954 or complete our Contact form.

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  • How can I prevent flooding if a water pipe breaks?

    1. Find your home’s water shut off valve inside the house.  If you don’t know where it is, Raymark can help you find it. We can also install a shut off valve if your home doesn’t have one.
    2. Find the main water shut off valve outside. This is usually in the city water meter box in the front yard.  Check to see if a special tool is needed or if you can shut off the water with your hands or with a wrench.
  • How do we prepare for an emergency?

    1. Know where your shut off valves are: inside the house, and outside in the yard.
    2. Place any tools needed near an exit or next to the shut off valves. (Include gas meter shut off too.)
    3. Keep an eye on your drains.  Call Raymark Plumbing and Sewer for help if drains are slow or backing up.
    4. Conduct periodic checks of your house health. Raymark is happy to assist with this.

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5 stars

Fast and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Dax Lang 2019 Google Review

Highly recommended

5 stars

Service was great, as always. About to call to set up appt for follow up phase that Jose pointed out.

B. Lakshmi 2019 email

Service Was Great

5 stars

Called on a holiday morning with a toilet crisis (it WAS a crisis because we only have one, and it was completely clogged) – Joe promptly came out and remedied the situation within the hour. Expected a long wait and a hefty bill but no such case. Joe additionally advised us to replace our old, inefficient toilet sometime in the future. Not the first time we’ve called Raymark and won’t be the last.

B. Lorette 2019 Google Review

Promptly Came

5 stars

Jose was awesome: gave my kitchen faucet a quick temporary fix while I got a new fixture, and then installed the new one perfectly. Brittany (in the office) made sure Jose got here as soon as possible!

J. Rigby 2019 Google Review


5 stars

Excellent same day service. Very friendly plumbers and office staff. Recommended to a friend the very next week.

Marion M. 2018 BBB Review


5 stars

Raymark has done several jobs for me. Ty was out today to clear a blocked kitchen line, and did a great job explaining the options, costs etc.

Todd C . 2018 BBB Review

A Great Job

5 stars

Truly excellent service; timely and very professional.

Jeff S. 2018 BBB Review

Truly Excellent

5 stars

Jose was the BEST! He was able to fix our issue quickly and cleanly.

Janeen M.  2018 BBB Review

The Best

5 stars

Hayden and his team were fantastic. Fast, high-quality work at an affordable price. They have a lot of experience dealing with older buildings, and I would highly recommend Raymark for anyone living in a building or home with older pipes.

Ann L. 2018 Facebook


5 stars

Raymark has helped me with all of my plumbing needs for the last 30+ years. They are wonderful to work with, very responsive and always able to assess the problem quickly and determine the best solution at a reasonable price.

Sheila Frawley 2018 Google Review

Very Responsive

5 stars

They did an excellent job. Work was completed on time at the price quoted. We were kept up to date at each step of the way.

Craig H. 2018 Review Buzz

Excellent Job

5 stars

Dion did a great job and was professional and friendly.

Marc M. 2018 Review Buzz

Professional and friendly

5 stars

Jose with Raymark Plumbing was very professional, clear in how he planned to fix the issue, and upfront about what the cost was going to be. Overall, the experience was very pleasant and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Raymark again in the future. Thank you!

Weston Manzer 2018 Google Review

Experience was very pleasant

5 stars

Ty and his assistant did a great job replacing pipes under our kitchen sink and attaching earthquake straps to the hot water tank. Ty was very patient in explaining the position of the straps. I would ask for him again in a heartbeat…. They were on time and finished very quickly.

Kathleen Fellstrom 2018 Google Review

Very Patient

5 stars

Had a clog that was filling up my basement. The guys at Raymark found the problem and replaced the pipe. After the pipe was replaced they made sure the rest of the plumbing was in working condition. Their attitudes were great and they worked hard. Very satisfied customer.

Joyce M. 2018 Review Buzz

Very satisfied customer

5 stars

Personnel were very warm and professional, and plumbers did a great job with both explaining and showing what they were doing. They addressed all concerns and were prompt in getting back to me. It was a big job, new sewer pipe put in from the house to the street.

Lois H. 2018 Review Buzz

Warm and professional

5 stars

Excellent workers. On time, well prepared, knowledgeable and efficient.

Dan Dawkins 2018 Review Buzz

Knowledgeable and efficient

5 stars

I can’t say enough great things about Raymark! Wonderful, friendly service. And they just replaced my business hot water heater on a Friday evening. Thank you!!

Ann D. 2018 Review Buzz

Wonderful, friendly service

5 stars

Good morning, Raymark. Thanks, Anthony, for sending Dan to the rescue last week. We hadn’t been struck by an earthquake under our kitchen sink after all. Dan tightened the wobbly faucet, as well as its companion spouts, then wrestled the obstinate spray hose into line. Ingenious, he cobbled a defense so the hose could avoid tangling in the pipes. Dan is genial, and we really appreciate his visit.

Sincerely yours,
Sharon Raymark-is-my-plumber K. 2018