Will and Teagen

We love our customers and our employees.

Together, we create some wonderful experiences.

workers with new sewer pipe

How very pleased we were

We would like to say how very pleased we were with the way the project was undertaken at our house in March of this year. Our first contact was with Dion who performed the sewer scope; he was pleasant, professional and did a thorough job.
Kevin Flynn then came to our home with Dion and undertook a complete survey of our entire sewer system. We were very impressed with the time and care Kevin took to make certain that all aspects of the proposed project were covered to ensure the best outcome. Kevin’s detailed analysis enabled us to save an aged, unique and VERY expensive Black Pine. Kevin also made several visits to oversee the project.

Juan was in charge of the day-to-day construction. He was always cheerful, hardworking and the quality of his work was quite outstanding. We were grateful that the job site was always left secure and neat at the end of each workday. At different times Ermilo, Ollie, Sergio, Taylor and Will were here working with Juan. They were also most pleasant and very hardworking.

I speak from experience having insured many utility contractors over my extended career in the insurance business and consequently have been happy to recommend your firm to various friends and neighbors.

B. Davis 2018 Google Review

Teagan and Seamus

I highly recommend Raymark Plumbing

I highly recommend Raymark Plumbing. They are a small-ish, lean company who remember work they did for me years ago. You will get a high quality job at a much lower price than if you call a company with fancy TV ads and famous athletes. Remember: someone pays the cost of those TV ads featuring celebrity athletes: you do! Raymark gets their work through referrals from satisfied customers like me. I have been using Raymark Plumbing since my first house, back in mid-1980’s and they always do a fine job, even better than expected. I only used Raymark when I was a contractor because I knew they would do it right the first time (and they did.) Their plumbers have decades of experience, their trucks are well stocked and the office staff knows how to talk plumbing.

So don’t hesitate to call them and make an appointment. Then do whriat I do: explain what you want and quietly stay out of the way so they can do their job. They know how to make things right for you.

Gordon Morrow 2018 Google Review


We were really impressed

Our heartfelt thanks for the work Raymark did restoring our sewer pipes. Ours was not a small job. We were really impressed with the surgeon-like precision of their diagnosis and we saw an efficiency, accuracy, and reliability which is rare. Their team was punctual, polite, and patient with our inquiries, our dogs (and our curiosity). And we were surprised when the day after they completed the work, they returned to clean the garden. They are all an asset to their profession and we would highly recommend them.

Carol Y. 2018 Review Buzz

Flynn and Seamus

The crew was terrific

I decided to join in with a next door neighbor to have my sewer lines replaced. Said neighbor had a broken side sewer next to my side sewer. After various issues over the years, I figured one giant sewer replacement project was the way to go rather than waiting for another (bigger) issue with these very old pipes. The crew was terrific; methodical, attention to detail and planning. When job completed, all put back like nothing had happened out in the yard. Kudos to those guys!

Shirley Wright 2018 Google Review

Truck and plumber

Kind and super competent

This is the second time I have used Raymark plumbing, and both times I have been very pleased with their work, their professionalism, and their prompt replies. Jose did some work yesterday and was patient, kind and super competent. He explained the problems, the different options I had, and answered all my questions in a way that made sense to me, a non-plumber.
I dealt with Brittany on the phone, and she was great! So professional and helpful. I get a bit anxious when I have to call a plumber, but Raymark and their team make it so easy. I appreciate that. I will call Raymark again for my next plumbing need!

Barbara M. 2018 Review Buzz

Jose snaking

Done with care

Raymark was flexible in scheduling. Jose showed up on time every day. It was a total replumb (water and drains) of the house and replacement of water heater. The job was done with care and completed when estimated. Various other (known) plumbing issues were fixed along the way — leaky faucet, leaky toilet, broken drain stopper. Jose kept me fully informed on progress throughout. My mid-century house is like new from a plumbing perspective.

Clarissa B. 2018 BBB Review


Polite, efficient

Joe was very nice and very professional. He and John, his apprentice, were polite, efficient, and on-time, and left everything in good order, while taking the time to explain the job to me. I enjoyed working with him.

Stephanie T. 2018 Review Buzz

special olympics

A job well done

Last Friday, December 7, 2018 two of your employees arrived at my home to excavate 6’ deep hole where sewer exits my house and then replace a 4’ pipe and provide a clean-out to the surface.

After their arrival I persuaded Juan and Levi to have coffee.  I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with both gentlemen.   They were very professional, answered a few questions, and laughed at my silly comments and jokes.

Please recognize these two men at your gatherings to “rah rah” the staff.    It was a tough job yet we had a fun exchange and I appreciated their humor.

It is important to recognize a job well done whether the work is pleasant or unpleasant.   Please acknowledge Juan and Levi.

Thank You,

Beverly W. 2018 Review Buzz

Ty Working

Very Happy

We had a clog in our side sewer. Ty and his helper came by and fixed it very fast then re-installed my toilet. I was very happy with Ty’s personality and the way he handled the issue. He also gave me an estimate for other recommended fixes.

Mike V. 2018 BBB Review



Having worked with Raymark personnel at least eight times in the past decade, I have consistently found all employees to be professional. In addition, tasks are managed efficiently and communication channels reflect a friendly tone.

Jane B. 2018 BBB Review

Dog on couch

Timely, professional, efficient

Timely, professional, efficient. Joe and John came to my house to repair a malfunctioning garbage disposal; the issue was a simple jam, which they showed me how to repair on my own if it happened again, and since it was so simple, issued no charge. I will be using Raymark again and recommending it to others.

Anabel V., January 2019 Google Review

guys together

Quality Work, Knowledge

I have been using Raymark for years. Large projects to snaking drains. Quality work, knowledge and fast repairs makes it easy for me to tell property owners we will be back running in no time. Raymark also has low turnover in employees so you know who you’re talking to and that the love working for Raymark. Over 17 years and Raymark is still my number one plumbing company.

Jeff Northrup, February 2019 Google Review

Two raymark techs carrying water

Helpful, friendly, and efficient

When the old water heater went out at our rental property during last week’s snowstorm, Raymark sent out a service tech after hours–on a Sunday morning!–to install a new one right away. We have used Raymark for years, and their service techs and office staff are always helpful, friendly, and efficient. Thank you!

David Zwaschka, February 2019 Google Review

Hayden and his daughter

Nothing but Great Things

I have nothing but great things to say about Raymark Plumbing! I’ve never dealt with a plumbing company before so was a little nervous about finding one I could trust. I got a bid from another company and it was much higher than I expected. I then got a bid from Raymark which was much more reasonable. And the best part was that they were available to do the work on my new bathroom when I needed them. My plumber, Hayden, was friendly, thorough and very skilled. I have recommended Raymark to friends and family and will absolutely use them again!

Carrie Stuart, March 2019 Google Review

3 guys working

An excellent job

Raymark did an excellent job replacing my aging sewer line. Jose, Sergio, Juan and Ermilo were very thorough in their work and left my yard and alley looking better than when they started. It seemed like a fairly complex job involving pipe bursting one section and pipe lining another.. but it was addressed in a very timely manner. The crew was very meticulous confirming that some old drains were no longer active and ensuring everything was flowing smoothly. Gabby in the Raymark office did a great job getting me scheduled and keeping me posted on the progress. They are a very experienced and professional group and I would highly recommend them.

Bob Kupyn, April 2019 Google Review

Guys working

Well Done

“This project took over a week to complete. We decided to complete all three phases at once since we already had the holes. They had to replace one line. Given the extensive work this project entailed they left the yard and gardens in tip-top shape. They were thorough and professional. I highly recommend Raymark. Well done!”

Judy Shaad, April 2019 Google Review

Raymark rugby shirt

Great Service

“Great service start to finish. Kami was awesome and quickly scheduled my service. Dion and Jose showed up and they were clean, courteous and did a great job. Thanks !”

Cindy Erber-Agen, April 2019 Google Review

Raymark trucks

Blown Away

“Ty and Mario are superstars! Amazing service and such friendly and professional attitudes! I am blown away by the service we received today. They came in, got it done and even after a few hiccups they managed to push on through with perseverance and determination and completed the job efficiently with a smile!”

Veronika Gudiyeva, April 2019 Google Review

Levi with Board


“I had a number of small plumbing issues at a rental house I own and Levi was so helpful in getting them addressed! Top-notch customer service.”

Barrett Rodgers, May 2019 Google Review

Never let me down

“I’ve been using Raymark both privately and commercially in various buildings for many years, for many kinds of plumbing work, and they’ve never let me down. They just did an emergency replumbing of a small bathroom–it had been bid, but we were holding off for various reasons, until surprise, a very old pipe failed and we had to go right to it. Instead of emergency prices, they honoured the bid and did it at their regular rates. Would definitely recommend.”

Dara Korra’ti, May 2019 Google Review


Raymark delivered

“Raymark delivered when no other company would or could. I was turned away numerous times regarding my plumbing issue, and also had one company say that I needed $10,000 of work. Raymark was professional, polite, and was able to resolve my issue within 30 minutes. A++ these guys will be the FIRST place I call the next time I run into plumbing issues.”

Zosh Kuball, May 2019 Google Review