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Water Treatments That Can Help You Handle the Winter Hardships of Hard Water in Seattle

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Old Chrome Tap Dripping WaterDry, itchy skin and dull hair are symptoms of the cold Old Man Winter brings to the Pacific Northwest, and hard water only makes these problems worse. Not only can it affect your skin and hair, but it can also leave your clothes looking dingy and feeling uncomfortable. Likewise, your dishes and other household items may have spots or residue on them even after they’ve been washed. All of this is because soaps and detergents don’t work as well in hard water.

But the hardest part is that hard water can take a toll on your plumbing. The same minerals that cause water to become “hard” create a buildup of scale along the interior walls of your plumbing pipes. This can lead to decreased water pressure and cause appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines to become less efficient. Hard water will also shorten their lifespan.

Unlike “soft” water which is free of mineral impurities, hard water has an excess of calcium and magnesium. The United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) hard water statistics reveal that majority of American homes — 85% — have hard water. Could your home be one of them?

At Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, we don’t take it easy on hard water. Our range of top plumbing services can help you combat the devastating effects of hard water. Tired of decreased water pressure? Tired of unpleasant drain odor caused by buildup? Our pipe repair and repiping service can help with that! We can also help you replace that water heater that’s been damaged by scale buildup.

But instead of repiping or installing new equipment, wouldn’t it be better to fix the problem of hard water? You may want to consider exploring hard water treatment options, such as home water softeners. These systems use salt to remove the excess minerals from hard water. They involve an initial investment but they are highly effective and are a worthwhile investment. Softer clothes and towels, cleaner dishes, healthier skin and hair, and an improved quality of life are just some of the benefits.

A cost effective alternative to water softeners is to install point of use water filters in your kitchen and bathroom. These can easily be installed on your faucets or showerhead and are a good way of treating hard water. Water pitcher filters are another quick and easy way to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water while removing impurities and excess minerals. While these point of use filters and water pitcher filters work, they are limited and not a comprehensive solution.

If you want a comprehensive solution to your hard water problems we’ve got your back! Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer today to learn about your options!


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