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What to Do If Your Toilet Is Not Flushing

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A busted toilet may not flush properly.The modern toilet is an absolute necessity. It makes waste disposal and residential plumbing simple and efficient. However, despite the advances in plumbing, even today’s toilets can encounter common troubles. As a homeowner, these issues tend to be an annoyance. Sometimes, more than an annoyance. For instance, if your toilet does not flush, you’re left with unwanted waste in your bathroom. It is smelly, possibly damaging, and occasionally dangerous to your health. You could hire a plumber if the situation worsens. Or, you could attempt to tackle the situation yourself. Here is how to handle a toilet not flushing.

Common Toilet Troubles

If your toilet refuses to flush, there is a reason. It doesn’t just stop flushing. The most likely causes include:

  • The water level is too low
  • The flapper is malfunctioning
  • A severe clog in the toilet, flange, or drain
  • A blocked inlet hole
  • Poor drain pipe design

There are quite a few scenarios in which your toilet does not flush. You likely don’t have time to examine them all, which is why hiring a professional plumber is typically recommended for a residential plumbing system.

Let us break these down a little further.

Water Level’s Too Low

Your toilet can flush properly because of its water supply. If there is not enough water for a complete flush, the bowl will not have enough power. There is typically a mark on the inside of the tank that designates the necessary amount of water.

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to adjust the float. The float is the rubber ball-like device that floats up as the water rises. Upon rising, it shuts off the water flow to the tank. If it rises too quickly, it prematurely shuts off the water, leaving too little for a complete flush.


A malfunctioning flapper is quite common. When you flush the toilet, the flapper lifts to allow water from the tank into the toilet bowl. The flapper then seals the hole, so water does not leak through.

If the flapper is damaged, water will leak from the tank. First, check the length of the flapper change and adjust as necessary. Or, replace the flapper completely for better operation.


A toilet clog is more common than most homeowners wish to believe. If you have a severe clog in the toilet system – toilet, flange, or drain – the water will not have a clear path.

First, try to unclog the toilet yourself. You can use a simple plunger and manual labor to clear the clog, in most cases. If all else fails, then schedule professional drain cleaning services. It is a cost-effective solution that ensures that not only is the clog removed, but the drain is completely cleaned in the process. A clean drain ensures higher efficiency and better operation overall.

If you ever have trouble with your toilet or plumbing system, know that Raymark Plumbing is just a phone call away. We help homeowners enjoy a more efficient plumbing system daily. Call us all 206-440-9077 !

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