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Top 3 Causes of Clogged Sewer Lines and How to Prevent Clogs From Returning

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A clogged drain is a nuisance that every homeowner will face in their lifetime. While most begin as minor issues, a clog can quickly escalate into a significant problem. A clogged drain may lead to slow drainage, corrosion, flooding, and even sewage backup in extreme cases. Prevention is the key. We’ll go over some of the most common causes of clogged sewer lines and how to prevent the issue from recurring.


Whether from mud, grass or the garbage disposal, clogs can occur in the sewer line if too much debris is forced into the sewer line.

While mud and grass may be unavoidable, garbage disposals can be utilized properly to help prevent sewer line clogs. Ensure your family puts minimal food debris and grease down your garbage disposal for best results. Remaining food should be scraped into the trash, and only the leftover residue should be sent down the garbage disposal.

Foreign Objects

Whether by accident or due to carelessness, foreign objects find themselves lodge in the sewer line regularly. Homeowners often deal with children who like to send their toys down the spiraling water hole of a toilet.

If small objects are blocking your sewer line, a professional will be needed to remove the blockage. You cannot simply dissolve a toy as easily as mud or grease.

Tree Roots

Lastly, we have tree roots. You cannot prevent a tree from growing, but you can use pipe materials that are impervious to tree root growth.

Clearing roots from a sewer line is challenging and typically require rooter service, pressure jet cleaning, or trenchless sewer repair. Speak with your professional plumber of choice.

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