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Tips on Handling Emergency Plumbing Situations

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Emergency Plumbing SituationsMost homeowners and renters will experience a plumbing emergency at one point or another. When it happens, you need to be prepared so you can act fast and stop your home from taking on more damage than necessary.

Here are our tips for handling emergency plumbing situations.

Remain Calm

When a pipe breaks and water leaks through your ceiling, your first instinct may be to panic, but don’t. Keep your mind focused and clear. It may seem obvious, but staying calm during a plumbing emergency isn’t always easy.

Turn Off the Water

To stop the water from flowing, you’ll need to turn off the water valves on either your appliances or your home’s main valve. If your toilet is overflowing, for example, then you should tun off the valve usually located either behind the toilet or on its base. For major flooding problems, you’ll want to turn off the main valve to your home.

Shut Off Your Water Heater

In emergency plumbing situations, it’s a good idea to shut off your water heater. Leaving it on may cause it to overheat, which means your water will be hot enough to burn you. Overheating will damage the heater itself so it’s best to just shut it off for safety.

Avoid Using Chemicals on Pipes

If you have a backed-up drain, you may reach for a bottle of drain cleaner. These chemicals promise to wash away any dirt or debris, but they often cause other problems. Drain cleaners corrode pipes, and if your home is older, then they can have an even more dramatic effect. Instead, try a plunger. If that doesn’t work, it’s time for an expert.

Call in the Experts

Once you’ve stopped the water from flowing, call an emergency plumbing service. Expert plumbers will then rush out to your home to help you assess the situation and fix the problem.

For all your emergency plumbing services, contact the experts at Raymark Plumbing at 206-440-9077 today.

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