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Ten Tried-and-True Ways to Keep Your Plumbing in Perfect Condition

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Noisy Plumbing ProblemsIt’s time to keep your plumbing in mint condition! Follow our tried-and-true tips for doing so:

  • Watch out for leaks. Regularly monitor your faucets and other water sources; it’s important to keep an eye out for leaks.
  • Fix leaks when they happen. Never wait to fix a leak! This always does more harm than good.
  • Repair problems before they become a bigger issue. It’s crucial to fix any plumbing problem as soon as it happens, to avoid a disaster.
  • Know when to call in the big guns. One of the best things you can do to keep your plumbing in perfect condition? Not being afraid to call a professional, when the going gets rough.
  • Know how to respond to overflow issues. When water starts gushing from your sink or toilet, it’s important to know what to do! Make note of where the main shut-off valve for your water supply is.
  • Shut off your appliances. Know how to shut off your appliances, if a problem should occur.
  • Prevent frozen pipes. Insulate your pipes to keep them from freezing.
  • Know how to repair small problems. With the assistance of a few YouTube videos, small repairs should be doable on your own.
  • Keep your plumbing safe in all kinds of weather. Weather-proof your plumbing!
  • Know who to call. Carefully vet plumbing pros before a problem occurs.

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