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Plumbing Repairs Most Often Needed During Summertime in Seattle

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Plumbing Repairs Seattle, TXWhile certain plumbing problems, like frozen pipes, are most likely to happen during the winter, other plumbing issues are more common during the summer months. Learn how to prevent some of the most common summer plumbing problems and know when it’s time to contact a Seattle plumber for assistance.

3 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Broken or Clogged Garbage Disposals

You may be able to avoid needing a garbage disposal repair this summer by being careful what you put into your disposer. These popular summer foods often cause broken blades or clogs:

  • Celery, corn husks, and other fibrous vegetables
  • Grease and cooking oil
  • Watermelon, corn cobs, large bones, and other hard foods

Toilet Clogs

Clogged toilets tend to happen more over the summer months when children are home from school. Teach children about the appropriate amount of toilet paper to use and keep a waste basket in the bathroom for items like paper towels and wipes which should not be disposed of in the toilet.

Sewer Backups

Summer rains can leave an excessive amount of water behind, which can seep into small cracks in your sewer lines. When the lines are overwhelmed by this water, they are likely to back up into your home. Furthermore, tree roots often seek out sewer lines as a source of nutrition. Tiny roots creep into cracks in your sewer lines, then continue to grow and clog the lines. At Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, we do sewer line camera inspections in Seattle  to find the precise location of problems and then complete the sewer repairs as needed. If you notice any signs of sewer trouble, give our plumbers a call right away before the situation gets worse.

Our Seattle plumbing company is here to help you with these and any other plumbing problems that you experience this summer. Just give Raymark Plumbing & Sewer a call for fast, friendly, plumbing service!

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