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How Does Slab Leak Detection Work?

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A significant leak in your home’s slab is often considered one of the worst disasters possible. It is a troublesome, costly repair. If you do not seek immediate professional assistance, you risk the structural integrity of your entire home. First and foremost, the leak must be pinpointed. But how do you locate a leak under concrete? Your plumbing technician has tools and techniques built specifically for slab leak detection.

Telltale Signs

Just like a regular leak in the bathroom or kitchen, there are significant signs homeowners can watch and listen for. Still, slab leak detection requires a plumbing expert. With the proper equipment and innovative tools, a plumber can locate and repair slab leaks with minimal damage to your property.

Some telltale signs to watch for include:

  • The sound of continuous running water
  • A spinning water meter
  • Cracks in the floors or walls
  • Mildew or moisture under flooring
  • Sewage smell
  • Higher-than-normal water bills

Electronic Leak Detection

Leaks make noise. That dripping sound of water is often irritating to us, but it’s a godsend to an expert plumber. An electronic leak detection system operates on a principle known as acoustics. The machine registers the sound made by a leak, such as dripping water, and transmits the location to the handler.

By using such technology, an expert plumber can more easily track a slab leak and pinpoint the exact location. Once the site has been found, repairs can begin almost immediately. The faster a leak is discovered, the less damage and lower costs you’ll have to handle.

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