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Seattle Home Improvement Funding: Can I Get a New Toilet?

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low flow toiletIt is a new phenomenon – and a welcomed one – that cities are backing initiatives that aim at saving water. Seattle is no exception. As a result of this drive, Seattle has implemented a home improvement rebate system, which could mean you get reimbursed for purchasing a new toilet.

The Details of the Rebate Program

Seattle’s initiative is called the SPU Toilet Rebate Program, and it is supported by both the city of Seattle and Mayor Murray. Rebates are available to families and homeowners who purchase a low-flow, premium toilet to replace their current toilet. When the term low-flow is used, this means that the toilet uses around a gallon in each flush or less. For making this purchase, from the traditional 3.5 gallons per flush toilet, city residents can receive a $100 rebate.

Commonly, per the city’s rebate program information guidelines, most toilets installed before 1994 used that 3.5 gallon per flush ratio, and so a lot of homes are just lacking now in needing to update. This initiative to have homeowners make the switch is motivated by the EPA’s WaterSense drive.

To Become Eligible

To receive the rebate, homeowners must live in the service area, purchase a premium toilet, and apply for the rebate. Each home could receive up to two rebates. Once the purchase is made, and the application is submitted, the homeowner can recycle their old toilet at the local recycling plant.

Raymark Weighs In

We honestly think this is a great idea. It not only brings awareness to Seattle residents about unnecessary water usage, but it also encourages home improvements. It is a win for all players involved. And here at Raymark Plumbing, we support initiatives that support our customers. Contact our team for more information on this rebate initiative: 206-440-9077 .

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