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Residential Plumbing Services: Sump Pump Spring Examination and Maintenance Tips

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Your home’s sump pump is designed to hold back excess water, removing it from the house to prevent structural damage. Over time, the sump pump may require maintenance and an examination. It’s best to perform such duties in the spring to ensure full service year-round. Not to mention temperature fluctuations during the spring, which often results in pooling water and oversaturated soil.

Maintenance Checklist

For your sump pump to function at peak performance, an annual inspection is a requirement that should not be forgotten. Make it a habit to call your plumbing service to check the system every spring to ensure everything is working properly. Here is a brief checklist of maintenance tasks yoru plumber will perform:

  • Open the Pump: They’ll remove the cover from the sump pump pit or basic and take a peek inside. If they spot and debris, mud, or rocks, your plumber will remove them to prevent clogging.
  • Components: They’ll check over each component, including the drain hose and inlet screen, to ensure nothing is blocked, frozen, or clogged.
  • Stay Afloat: They’ll ensure your float component should be able to move freely.
  • Strategic Pumping: The plumber will be sure the water pumped is flowing away from your home.
  • Test: They’ll test the system by filling a bucket of water, then dumping it in the pit. The sump pump should activate once triggered. If not, they will make sure the system is plugged in.

Maintenance Tips

If you’re comfortable handling a few maintenance tasks on your own, then by all means, do so. Otherwise, call a professional for expert maintenance services. Here are a few tips to make life easier:

  • Flushing – Try to flush the system periodically using a bucket of water or the hose. When the pump activates, listen for odd noises. Everything should be smooth.
  • Discharge – Inspect the discharge pipe after significant rain. It should be free of debris.
  • Check Valve – Inspect the check valve, ensuring it has a 3/16 relief hole to prevent vapor locks and extend lifespan.

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