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Reasons to Choose Tap Water in Seattle over Bottled Water

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Environment PollutionAdvertisements for bottled water can leave us thinking that our tap water is inferior. We see images of sparkling springs and crystal clear mountain streams, and suddenly the water coming out of our Seattle kitchen faucet seems subpar. But is it really? Is there anything wrong with our tap water?

5 Things to consider When Comparing Tap Water Vs Bottled water

At Raymark Plumbing, we believe in taking advantage of the clean tap water that we are so lucky to have in America. When you compare your tap water to bottled water, forget about the fancy advertisements and consider the following:

  • Municipal water supplies are subject to strict testing and must meet federal standards for cleanliness and safety. Tap water is filtered and treated as needed to meet these standards.
  • Drinking tap water is cheaper. The cost of bottled water might not seem like that much, but it adds up when you buy it perpetually. It costs very little to grab a glass and head to the kitchen faucet.
  • The production and disposal of water bottles negatively impacts the environment. While in some developing countries, bottled water is an absolute necessity because people don’t have access to modern plumbing systems, in Seattle, we can easily avoid contributing to the negative environmental impacts by drinking tap water.
  • Utilizing your tap water is convenient. You don’t need to go to the store, fill up your trunk with cases of water, and then lug them into the house.
  • Any issues you have with your municipal water can be treated by your local plumber. If you have hard water, water odors, or simply want it to taste better, just give your Seattle plumber a call instead of becoming reliant on bottled water.

At Raymark Plumbing, we’re here to help you with any water quality issues or plumbing system problems that you have in Seattle. Just give our friendly plumbers a call today!

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