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5 Ways That Water Can Ruin Your Day in Seattle

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An image of an overflowing toilet.There’s no doubt that water is both a friend and a foe. One minute we’re trying to conserve water in Seattle with low-flow plumbing fixtures, the next minute we’re trying to banish water as quickly as possible from an area where it doesn’t belong. Today, we’re exploring five ways that water can totally ruin your day, but don’t worry, our Seattle plumbers are here to help you with any of these problems.

5 Ways That Water Can Ruin Your Day

A Flooded Basement – That moment you climb down the basement stairs and see four inches of standing water is a moment you’ll never forget.  What seems like a bout of harmless rain, can become a disaster in your basement in a matter of hours.  Test your sump pump occasionally by dumping a bucket of water into the pit, and if you find it’s not working up to par, call Raymark Plumbing before the next big rain!

A Burst Washing Machine Hose – Have you checked your washing machine hose for wear lately? If you haven’t, we recommend that you do because a burst hose can soak everything surrounding your washer very quickly, causing costly water damages.

Frozen Plumbing Pipes – When water turns to ice, it can do a whole different kind of destruction. Don’t try to thaw your plumbing pipes yourself (a lot of people set their homes on fire trying); just call your local plumber for assistance.

An Overflowing Toilet – Sometimes a plunger is no match for a toilet clog that causes your toilet to overflow all over your bathroom floor. Whether you need drain cleaning or a whole new toilet, we’re here to help!

Bubbles & Blisters in Wallpaper – If you notice odd bubbles, blisters, or cracks in your wallpaper or paint, you could have a water leak in a plumbing pipe. Call us for leak detection service, and we’ll find and fix the problem.

As frustrating as all of these water problems are, they aren’t anything that can’t be resolved quickly and effectively by one of our expert plumbers in Seattle. The next time you run into one of these watery issues, don’t let it ruin your day—just call Raymark Plumbing right away!

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