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Plumbing Trends 2017-2018

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Plumbing Trends 2017-2018

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Top 10 Plumbing Fixes Nationwide

Dripping Faucet – Avoid turning off the faucet using too much force, or replace the washer to stop drips.
Leaking Pipe – If you have a leak, contact a professional for prompt service.
No Hot Water – First, check your pilot light, then move on to the temperature. If nothing works, call Raymark Plumbing.
Water Heater Leak – Depending on the size of the hole, a replacement water heater may be required.
Clogged Drain – Never put oil, grease, egg shells, or paper products down your drain.
Frozen Pipe – When possible, keep the temperature in your home at 68 degrees or higher to prevent frozen pipes.
Clogged Toilet – Only flush toilet paper. If clogs are persistent, call a plumbing professional.
Running Toilet – The primary causes of a running toilet are bad fill valves or leaking flapper.
Water Softener Issue – It’s best to leave water softener issues to professional plumbers to prevent damage.
Shutoff Valve Malfunction – If the shutoff valve is bad, replace it with a quarter-turn ball valve for better results.

New Plumbing Trends

Brain Pipes – A home automation plumbing system designed to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.
Eco-Friendly Components – Green plumbing components ensure less natural resources are wasted and reduce water usage costs.
Smart Appliances – Today’s machines use less water, and the water they do use is used more efficiently.
LED Temperature Monitor – LED lighting and screens allow you to monitor the water temperature from your faucets.
ETWater – ETWater is a smart irrigation system designed to track the water needed for a healthier landscape.
Greywater Recycling – Greywater comes from bathroom sinks, showers, and washing machines. It is not dirty but may contain trace amounts of dirt or cleaning solution. Recycling the water for other uses is conservative and green.

2 Things to Watch For

Aging Pipe Infrastructure – The average pipe is designed to last around 47 years. In some areas, pipes last even longer. Over time, corrosion and wear will set in, leading to reduced water flow and efficiency.
Rise of Legionella & Water Quality Diseases from Pipes – Legionella is directly linked to plumbing systems and pipes. More people are becoming aware of the risks of aging plumbing systems.

How Plumbers Help the Nation

Drinking Water Crisis – Around 2,000 water systems across the country contain lead deposits. Residents have no other options, though. And so, plumbers from across the country are banding together to fight the drinking water crisis with new water lines and solutions.
Water Filtration – With recent incidents in Flint, Michigan, the need for proper water filtration has a spotlight surrounding it. Plumbing services across the country aim to provide efficient filtration for homes.
Sanitation System – Any good plumbing system pairs with a sanitation system to remove wastewater. Not all homes have access to a working sanitation system, though. That needs to change.

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