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Mistakes to Avoid When Drain Cleaning in Seattle

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Water DrainDo you have a clogged floor drain, sink drain, or bathtub drain? Drain clogs occur when debris like hair, dirt, grease, soap, or food scraps build up in your plumbing pipe. When you find yourself with a stopped drain, you want it fixed immediately because it can negatively impact your daily activities. Unfortunately, many DIY drain cleaning methods have been proven time and time again to be unsuccessful, so we encourage you to call your local plumber for drain cleaning service in Seattle if you experience a drain blockage. Learn from the mistakes of others, and don’t bother with any of the following DIY methods:

Trying to clear your drain with store-bought chemicals

Just because these jugs of caustic chemicals are available at your local big box store doesn’t mean you should buy them. They can damage your plumbing pipes, leave you with burns, and harm the environment. Most of the time they don’t work anyway and are a waste of your time and money.

Finagling a coat hanger or other object down the drain

Coat hangers are made to hold coats, not to bore through drain clogs. If you choose to jab away at a drain clog with a coat hanger or other household item, there’s a good chance you’ll damage your plumbing pipe or get the item stuck in your drain.

Flushing water into the drain with your garden hose

Some people think that a garden hose can duo as a piece of drain cleaning equipment, but it can’t. Only plumbing companies have the right tools for the job and the skills and experience needed to use them. Save yourself from a big watery mess by leaving the garden hose outdoors.

At Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, we can clear your drains and sewer lines quickly and effectively. We can even do camera inspections to pinpoint the precise location of plumbing pipe issues. For professional drain cleaning service in Seattle, call Raymark today!

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