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Improving Bathroom Accessibility and Safety in Seattle for Elderly and Disabled Family Members

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Improving Bathroom AccessibilityFor people with limited physical strength and mobility due to age or a disability, the bathroom poses many safety risks and opportunities for injury. Research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that 235,000 people suffer from bathroom-related injuries that require medical treatment each year, with the majority being seniors over the age of 65. People with a physical disabilities are also at risk of such injuries.

At Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, our professional plumbers can significantly improve the safety and functionality of your bathroom with accessible bathroom remodeling. Since 1977, we’ve offered a variety of accessible bathroom solutions such accessible plumbing fixture installation to ensure the comfort and safety of all members of our community.

Things You Can Do To Improve Bathroom Accessibility and Safety for seniors

Here’s how you can improve the accessibility of your bathroom for elderly and disabled family members.

  • Install bathroom grab bars, rails, or floor-to-ceiling tension poles These help to provide balance and stability while sitting and standing. They also provide leverage, making it easier for a person with decreased strength or mobility to sit and stand with or without help.
  • Make bathing safer, easier, and more comfortable Getting in or out of a bathtub provides the perfect opportunity for a dangerous slip or fall, but walk in bathtubs significantly reduce this risk. With state of the art accessibility features such as built in slip-proof surfaces, shower chairs, and adjustable handheld showerheads, walk in bathtubs are a must for bathroom accessibility and safety. Some models have whirlpool jets for relaxation or therapeutic purposes.
  • Increase maneuverability Widen the entrance to your bathroom so that it’s between 32 and 36 inches wide to make access with a wheelchair, walker, cane, or scooter easier. These measurements are also compliant with American with Disability Act (ADA) design regulations.
  • Choose ADA compliant fixtures For a person with arthritis or a motor disability, turning or twisting a faucet can be both difficult and dangerous. Lever-style faucets and thermostatic valves are easy to use and can prevent accidental scalding.
  • Elevate toilets and sinks Replace your toilet with one that has a higher profile of at least five inches or so, depending on the needs of the individual using it. This makes standing and sitting much easier and less intimidating. Increasing the height of a sink to 30 or 40 inches makes it safer and easier to use as well, especially for those in a wheelchair.

Raymark Plumbing & Sewer is committed to the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of all of our customers. Call us today for help accessible bathroom upgrades in Seattle!

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