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How to Prevent Build-Up in Your Pipes

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Pipes maintainance Seattle, WAIt’s highly important to maintain your pipes to ensure they are working to a high standard. Clogged or slow drains can end up costing a fortunate, and it’s so easy to avoid! To ensure you don’t need to phone a professional, follow our top tips from Raymark Plumbing.

Dispose of Old Grease

If you have pots and pans full of old oil or grease, do not pour them down the sink! This can greatly clog and damage the inside of the pipes. Instead, pour the oil and grease into used containers and bottles and dispose of in the trash.

Coffee Is a No-No

Old coffee grounds and granules should also be disposed of in the trash. If you have a mulch pile, you can add the remnants to that.

Use a Drain Gate

Drain gates and screens for your plug hole are a great way to minimize damaging substances in getting down the drains. Most plumbing supply stores sell these – just remember to find out what size you need!

Regular Household Cleaning

You can keep on top of your pipes without the help of a professional.

  • Use baking soda – pour a couple of spoonful’s of baking powder into the plug hole and then run hot water. This is a great way to clean the inside of your pipes and reduce bad odors.
  • Use vinegar – pour some vinegar down the plug hole and let it rest for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, run hot water into the sink. The vinegar works as an organic solvent and breaks up buildup.

Speak to a Professional

To find out more about how to look after your pipes, or to speak to a professional about any of our other services at Raymark Plumbing, call us at (206)-440-9077.

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