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How to Conserve Water This Summer

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water conservation tipsThe summer months may cause you to use more water than any other time of the year. Being able to keep your lawn watered and many other tasks completed may have you trying to conserve water. Knowing effective ways that can decrease your water usage during the hot months of summer are sure to come in handy.

Time your Water Sprinkler

You’re certain to want your lawn to look like the best one on the block, but this will require you to run your sprinkler system more than you may want. However, if you’re facing a summer drought, it’s a great idea to turn it on.

The best way to do this without overusing your water is to set the timer on your system. This will allow it to turn on and off when you have it set to do so and this will decrease the amount of water that is used!

Wash Dishes by Hand

You may be surprised how much water your dishwasher uses. This could translate to gallons of water and you can conserve this amount by washing your dishes by hand.

It’s ideal if you have just a few dishes to wash to avoid turning the dishwasher on at all. Taking the extra time to do these by hand will mean a lower water bill for you and you may find it’s worth the effort to do so.

Let us Help!

At Raymark Plumbing, we’re experts when it comes to getting your plumbing needs met, and we’re here to help you conserve water. Simply give us a call at (206) 440-9077 and we’’ll be there when you need us!

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