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A Homeowner’s Guide to Slab Leak Detection

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Noisy Plumbing ProblemsWhen concrete slab foundation leaks go undetected, it equals bad news for your home! We’re talking water damage, cracking walls, and even potentially serious foundation destruction. How can you tell if your home has fallen prey to a slab leak? Here we’ve listed some common symptoms of slab leaks in your home and what to do when they happen.

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

  • There are cracks in your flooring or in the walls.
  • You can hear running water constantly, even when all your faucets and other water sources are turned off.
  • There are warm spots on the floors (this could indicate a hot water line leak).
  • Your water bill is abnormally high.
  • The ground is inexplicably damp in some areas of your home.
  • There’s a lot of excess moisture buildup, or even mold growth, underneath your carpets.

Some of these slab leak symptoms may seem harmless, but in the long run they could lead to possible large-scale destruction of your home. Once you’ve established that your home has a potential slab leak, it’s time to do something about – and fast.

Slab Leak Solutions

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the common signs of a slab leak, let’s discuss solutions!

Not surprisingly, the only real way to successfully locate and eradicate a slab leak is to call in an expert. Here at Raymark Plumbing, our team of slab leak specialists are trained to efficiently locate the source of the problem and repair any damage in a minimally invasive way. We never tear up your floor to fix a slab leak issue – there are other, better ways of doing so.

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