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Should You Get a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

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camera-inspection-reports-repairsAre you considering getting a sewer line camera inspection? This is a great choice. If so, there are just a few things to know about first.

Let’s talk about cost! Did you know? When it comes to integrating video cameras into your sewer system inspection, the cost of this can vary widely – most general estimates place average costs of video sewer inspections at anywhere from $100-$800, but this all depends.

For instance, the cost may fluctuate depending on the precise length of the pipes, the severity of the damage, if the inspection is being done alongside another repair…in short, it’s hard to pinpoint exact costs without knowing the specific nature of the job.

Let’s talk about benefits! So, what are the tangible benefits of using video inspection when it comes to your sewer system?

  • You’ll be able to check for yourself that the clog in your sewer system has been 100% removed. That’s the beauty of cameras – you’ll have a visual picture of the kind of work that’s being done.
  • Identify a Clog. Using video during your sewer inspection can help identify the exact location of a clog.
  • Inspect New Sewer Systems. Video sewer inspections can help inspect new sewer systems, before they’re cleared for use.

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