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DIY Drain Cleaning Don’ts for Homeowners in Seattle

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diy drain cleaning don’ts for homeowners seattleDrain clogs seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, but trying to unclog a drain yourself will only add to the inconvenience! DIY drain cleaning hacks are not only dangerous and ineffective, but they also have the potential to cause further damage to your plumbing pipes.

When it comes to DIY drain cleaning — don’t try this at home! The only thing you have to do is call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer! Using video camera inspections and the latest advances in plumbing technology, our highly reviewed professional drain cleaning services in Seattle can safely remove even the toughest clogs.

Here are a few DIY don’ts when it comes to clogged drains in Seattle.

DON’T use harsh chemicals or liquid drain cleaners

Never pour bleach down your drain in an attempt to clear a clog. Many drain clogs contain soap residue which can give off noxious fumes when combined with bleach. Similarly, liquid drain cleaners are not only ineffective in most cases, but they’re also extremely dangerous to both you and the environment. They may cause further damage to your plumbing pipes by corrosion, especially if you have copper pipes.

DON’T make your own drain auger, hydrojetter, or snake

Jamming a wire coat hanger down your drain will do nothing but make the problem worse. Not only is it likely to get stuck, but it will also cause more damage to pipes. Likewise, using your garden hose as a makeshift hydrojetter is a big waste of time. The water pressure isn’t strong enough, and you’ll only make a mess!

DON’T ignore pieces of wood in the backsplash

If you do manage to get some of the clog out and find bits of wood among the residue, this means you have tree root intrusion, which is a serious plumbing problem. Stop what you’re doing immediately and call us right away! Our drain and sewer camera inspection is the best way to get to the “root” cause of a clog so it can be removed properly!

DON’T forget to replace the clean out cap

If you opened the clean out cap or plug in an attempt to clear a deep clog in a pipe, be sure to remember to replace it. If you forget to do this, you’ll end up with even more clog-causing debris in your pipes. In the event you broke the cap while trying to take it off, cover the clean out pipe with aluminum foil and a rubber band to create a temporary barrier until we can come and fix the problem!

Don’t do DIY drain cleaning! Your clog may not go down the drain, but your time, energy, and money will trying to remove it yourself. The only thing you should do when it comes DIY clog removal is to call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer right away!

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