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Common Seattle Sewer Problems

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Common Seattle Sewer ProblemsLike any other major metropolis, Seattle has its own beasts when it comes to sewer problems. From record rainfall to old trees that have existed in the area for a long time, we have our own plumbing and pipe issues that are different from anywhere else in the state. In this blog post, we at Raymark Plumbing thought we’d cover what common Seattle sewer problems we tend to see. That way, you can know what you’re dealing with if you have a problem pop up in the future.

It All Happens In the Pipes

The pipes of your home’s plumbing are the main arteries of the system. So, when a problem occurs, it’s probably in these areas. One problem that we see specifically in Seattle is what we briefly touched on earlier. We have these old trees that have been around for decades. Unfortunately, the tree roots can puncture the underground pipes. When this happens, you could be experiencing a leak.

Additionally, in the pipes, there might be a clogging or blockage. This can cause your drainage to halt altogether until you have a professional come out and remove the debris. And finally, Seattle’s underground plumbing is often held together by segmented areas. Essentially, think of them as joints that bring together the pipes. Well, at these segmented areas, extensive rainfall could permeate the ground, making it really soggy and malleable. In that case, the ground could shift and offset the joints that hold your pipes together.

Ensure Regular Check Ups For Your Seattle Plumbing

Basically, our sewer system in Seattle hinges on the weather and the landscape. Because we know these are common culprits of plumbing problems,  be sure to have regular check ups done on your system. With a professional doing regular maintenance, you can ensure that you’re taking preventative measures for your plumbing. Contact Raymark at 206-440-9077 today.

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