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Most Common Plumbing Issues in Seattle Homes

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A modern plumbing system is a complex, extensive setup. There are numerous plumbing pipes, connections, fixtures, and joints used to contend with the constant flow of water and sewage. It’s a system that benefits from regular inspections and occasional maintenance from a plumbing professional. Still, something can, and sometimes will go wrong. When you’re dealing with a common plumbing issue in Seattle, you need the best in the business to tackle the problem.

Leaking Pipes

The single most common plumbing issue in modern residential areas is leaking pipes. This particular problem can lead to extensive water damage to your floors, walls, and possessions, and is rather expensive to rectify if not caught early. Typically, leaks occur at joints. Fillers and compounds are sold in stores to handle this, but they are a temporary solution only.

For a more permanent fix, you want an expert plumber to replace the length of pipe or the fitting itself.

Clogged Drains

The second most common issue a professional plumber is called out to handle is a clogged drainage system. At home, you should notice a clogged system immediately, because the water in your sink, toilet, or bathtub will not drain quickly or completely. There’s likely a blockage in the drain due to soap scum, hair, grease, or accumulated dirt and debris of other kinds. Sometimes, a simple plunger or drain snake can clear the problem. Often, those only serve to provide temporary relief, however. The wall of the plumbing pipe still has accumulated mass that will continue to grow and expand to form another blockage. In that case, hydro-jetting is a useful solution that cleans the entire interior of the pipe.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a hassle. It’s an overlooked plumbing issue for many people, and for some it causes a lot of stress. In an older home, lower water pressure is actually common. There are numerous causes of low water pressure, including leaking pipes, aging plumbing fixtures, corrosion, and more. Some other common causes of low water pressure include:

  • The main shut-off valve is partially closed or is failing
  • Significant buildup of sediment deposits along faucet aerators

The issue with an aerator is resolved relatively easily at home. To clean an aerator, you need to soak it in a vinegar solution overnight. This solution should dissolve any sediment buildup. If that doesn’t fix the trouble a more severe issue is at hand, and you may need to replace the fixture altogether.

For each of these common plumbing issues, there are telltale signs and symptoms to watch for. You’ll notice odors, slow drainage, higher-than-average monthly water bills, etc. The moment you notice such signs, contact a plumbing professional. For a leak, tracking down the source is often problematic, as leaks are frequently hidden behind a wall or under the flooring. The same goes for low water pressure – there are numerous potential causes to sift through.

Get a professional on your side. Contact Raymark Plumbing for expert plumbing repair and maintenance in Seattle, WA. Give us a call anytime at 206-440-9077 for top-rated services.

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