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Clogged Toilet? Here’s What to Do

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A clogged toilet can be quite severe without the proper help!It happens to the best of us. It is still a nightmare. You’re in the bathroom, you attempt to flush the toilet, but nothing happens. It is an embarrassing and stressful situation. No matter how many times you hit the toilet flush handle, nothing is happening. With a bit of practice and a plunger to tackle the job, you’ll be handling your own clogged toilet in no time. Or, if things get truly messy and the clog just wants to stick in place, you can call a professional plumber to tackle the situation.

Plunging a Clogged Toilet

First, the ideal method to remove a clog from your toilet is the manual way. Pull out your trusty plunger and prepare yourself for a bit of upper-arm work.

  • Start by running your plunger under hot water to soften the material, which helps form a tight seal around the drain.
  • Then, carefully submerge the plunger into the toilet without using too much force.
  • Form a tight seal between the plunger and the drain.
  • Plunge slowly and carefully.
  • Put equal weight in both the up and down motions of the plunging action.
  • The force of the motion will cause the clog to break down, thereby allowing you to flush it away.

DIY Method

One DIY drain cleaning method that has been known to help a clogged toilet is the soap and water method. First, squeeze a bit of hand soap or dish detergent into the toilet bowl. Then, pour hot water into the bowl. You will need a bucket or bowl to hold the hot water. The force of the water is often enough to handle the clog. Either way, let it sit for a few minutes. The soap helps to break apart any fat deposits in the clog, which helps move things along.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Your other alternative, one many homeowners will select, will be to call for professional drain cleaning services. Often, professional services are the only surefire method to handle a severe or recurring clog.

Whether you’re scheduling routine drain cleaning as a form of maintenance or because you have a significant clog, professional service should make all the difference.

  • Reduced Blockages – Expert service will cut down on future blockages by ensuring a completely clean drainage system and pipes.
  • Reduced Odors – A severe clog can produce terrible odors, including sewage smells, that are unwelcome in your household. Professional service helps to reduce such odors by flushing the system completely.
  • Reduced Expenses – Maintenance is always less expensive than significant repairs. By scheduling drain cleaning service now, you reduce the risk of future clogs or costly repairs to the drainage system.

For decades, Raymark Plumbing has been the number one choice for drain cleaning services in the Seattle area. Since 1977, we have helped homeowners like yourself overcome significant clogs and recurring drainage issues to keep a healthy plumbing system year-round. Today, we would like to help you handle your clogged toilet. Give us a call at 206-440-9077  for service that makes a difference.

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