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Clogged Drain Prevention – Learn How to Maintain Free Flow in Seattle Household Plumbing

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There’s never a good time for a clogged drain. While you cannot prevent every clog, there are key steps to take to help prevent most clogs and serious backups from occurring. It will definitely pay to learn and use an ounce of prevention, as it can prevent calls to your local plumber from frequently-clogged drains.


When it comes to cleaning your home, especially after dinner or cooking, run hot water through the drain to prevent grease and hard water deposits from accumulating. Every few days, add a half cup of baking soda, then a half cup of vinegar, and follow that up with boiling hot water. Put this concoction down the drain in stages as described. It will help grease buildup from causing a clog or a backup.

Drain Stoppers

They’re easy to ignore, but every three months (give or take) check your drain stoppers. You’ll specifically want to pay attention to the bathtub stopper, which prevents hair and biofilm (bacteria, food, soap residue, oils) from accumulating. If the stopper needs to be replaced, do so.

Once a week, fill the bathtub three-fourths full and then pull the plug or open the drain. The volume of water will fill the pipe and flush the drain.


You’ve likely heard professional plumbers reinforcing the need for regular inspections – and they are 100% correct! Scheduling regular inspections of your plumbing system can help prevent significant drainage clogs and costly repairs. Typically, homeowners schedule plumbing inspections once every six months, while some opt for once a year. For a major connection, such as the main pipe, periodic inspections are a requirement, not just a recommendation. It might be easy to forget, but when you get in the inspection habit, it will pay for itself down the road.

Without inspections, roots may be busy penetrating the drain pipe, the mineral buildup can lead to leaks or clogs, and repairs will cost more!

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