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What Is Causing Low Water Pressure in Your Home?

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Having adequate water pressure in your home is crucial. It determines the quality of living you’ll enjoy each day. No one wants to take a low-pressure shower. However, low water pressure affects more than just the shower. Duties such as washing up dirty dishes or doing laundry can turn into arduous tasks. You risk discomfort and can become dissatisfied with your living situation. Don’t let low water pressure keep you down.


The number one cause of low water pressure stems from faulty fixtures. If the showerhead is old, it may be clogged with rust, limescale, or dirt. This buildup affects the flow of water and reduces overall quality. To check for such an issue, turn on the faucets, one at a time. You’ll quickly spot which one is the problem.

Once you locate the clog, clean or replace the fixture. This is easily accomplished. If all your fixtures have poor water pressure, you may want to call a plumber.

Clogged Pipes

Another common cause of low water pressure is a clogged pipe. Clogs happen more often than we like to admit. You’ll want to call a licensed plumber to determine whether a severe pipe clog is the reason for your water pressure troubles. Do not attempt to unclog the pipe yourself. While seemingly simple, clogs are complex. Doing the task improperly could lead to leaks or even a contaminated drinking water supply.

Main Supply Line

If everything else has been checked, the main supply line could be the culprit. Again, you’ll want to hire a licensed and experienced plumber. They will obtain local records to verify the size of the water line. An insufficient main supply line will be unable to provide enough water for all fixtures and appliances in your home, leading to low water pressure for them all.

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