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When to Call Professionals in for Your Clogged Sewer

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The quicker you can recognize the warning signs of a clogged sewer line, the faster repairs can commence. Should the clog go unnoticed, however, the issue may accumulate and lead to costly repairs. Not to mention exposing your family to contaminated water. When dirty water begins to flow back into your tub or the drain is too slow, it’s time to call the professionals. It may seem simple, but an underlying issue may be present.

Gurgling Noises

The first sign of a true issue with a clogged sewer line is an odd gurgling noise stemming from within the plumbing system. This noise occurs due to pressure being affected in the lines. A clog or interruption will likely be the primary cause.

The moment you notice unusual noises from your plumbing is the moment you should call a professional. An experienced plumber will inspect the sewer line to determine the issue and complete necessary repairs.

Foul Odors

Drains should be cleaned frequently using non-toxic solutions. Chemical cleaners are often hazardous. If you experience a continuous odor from the toilet, shower, or sink, even after cleaning, something serious is hidden within the plumbing. That weird smell begins to permeate when a clog or blockage expands and damages the sewer pipe. The result is waste material caught in the lines and backing up into your home.

Dirty Water

You may have noticed your sink or toilet is backing up or bubbling dirty water. A serious blockage or recent flood is the probable cause. Be warned: Do not handle dirty sewage water without proper precautions. A professional plumber will examine the sewer line using a certified camera and snake.

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