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Always Call a Seattle Plumbing Service for These 5 Plumbing Repairs

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Frustrated Woman Calling PlumberCreating a holiday wreath or upholstering an old chair are great examples of DIY projects, but doing plumbing repairs yourself? Now, that’s a different story! Although there are a number of online guides and tutorials for DIY plumbing, certain plumbing problems should always be performed by a plumbing professional. Failure to do so can not only cost you more money in the end but can also be a safety risk.

Since 1977, Raymark Plumbing & Sewer has helped Seattle business and homeowners avoid disasters caused by DIY plumbing repairs. When in doubt about whether or not you should try to fix a plumbing problem yourself, rely on our professional Seattle plumbing services to get the job done right for the right price!

Here are five Seattle plumbing repairs that should always be done by a professional.

Frozen piping

The only thing worse than frozen piping is the burst piping it can lead to. A burst pipe can cause extensive water damage in mere seconds. DIY hacks for unfreezing pipes are often haphazardly ineffective, creating an increased risk of danger. Rather than putting yourself at risk unnecessarily and wasting your time, call a professional plumber.

Bathtubs that won’t drain

Bathtub clogs get worse over time and failure to have it fixed by a professional can leave you with more than standing water in the tub! While there are drain cleaning products available that can dissolve clogs, using them too often will damage your pipes. Only a professional plumber can safely and effectively remove a clog and make sure it isn’t part of a more serious problem, such as a sewer line clog.

Water heater repairs

You should never try to repair your water heater yourself! A DIY attempt can make the problem worse by increasing the risk of further damage, such as a leak. With so much at risk and so much involved, water heater repairs should always be done professional plumbers.

Your water bill is higher than normal

An abnormally high water bill could be indicative of a much more serious problem, such as a water leak you don’t even know about. The signs of a hidden water leak  may not be so obvious to a DIY-er, but a plumber can easily identify them. Not only that, but they can also show you simple ways to conserve water and save money on your utility bill.

Low water pressure

Although removing mineral buildup from a fixture can help to improve water pressure in some instances, low water pressure can also be caused by a hidden leak or debris in the water. If the water pressure throughout your home is low and inconsistent, a clogged supply line could also be to blame. Only a professional can properly diagnose the problem and carry out the necessary plumbing repairs to restore water pressure.

Avoid the frustration caused by DIY plumbing attempts and call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer instead for professional Seattle plumbing services you can count on!

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