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Tips That Could Prevent a Burst Washing Machine Hose in Seattle

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Hose flexible metal braid on a white backgroundBurst washing machine hoses are one of the most common causes of residential water damage in Seattle. Toilets and faucets sometimes develop slow water leaks  that cause damage and significant waste over time, but a burst washing machine hose will deliver a sudden, extreme soaking to anything in its path including floors and furniture. To prevent a burst washing machine hose in your home, our Seattle plumbers have these recommendations.

How to Prevent Your Washing Machine Hoses from Bursting

  • No matter what, replace your washing machine hoses every three to five years. Sometimes they deteriorate from the inside out, so you might not see signs of wear until it is too late!
  • Keep your washer a minimum of four inches away from the wall to prevent the hoses from kinking.
  • Examine your hoses once a month. Keep an eye out for worn tubing, cracks, or blisters.
  • Pay close attention to the area of the hose closest to the connection as this is often the most vulnerable spot.
  • Check for and tighten loose hose connections.
  • Don’t run loads of laundry when you’re not home.
  • Turn off the hot and cold water supply valves before you leave on vacation.
  • Replace old rubber hoses with braided stainless steel hoses which are less vulnerable to bursting.

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