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4 Reasons Why Seattle Residents Should Say Bye Bye to Bottled Water

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Environment PollutionOnce a bustling industrial city, Flint, MI is now embroiled in a municipal water crisis that has people across the country concerned over tap water quality. Lead contamination of public water supplies rarely happens, but the Flint, MI water crisis has given new life to the tap vs. bottled water quality debate, with many people feeling as though the latter is a healthier, safer option. But is it really?

Bottled water is being rationed to Flint residents in the wake of the crisis until the corroded pipes that caused the lead contamination are replaced. While this offers temporary relief, it’s not a long term or environmentally sustainable solution. A better alternative would be water filters, which is why 300 volunteer union plumbers from across the country descended on Flint, MI to install new plumbing fixtures and water filters in the homes of Flint residents for free! By doing so, many Flint households were finally able to forego rationed bottled water and enjoy clean, safe drinking water right out of their faucets!

At Raymark Plumbing & Sewer, we understand your concerns over tap water quality. You can rest assured that our variety of Seattle plumbing services can address and resolve your water quality concerns! We can help you tap into all the reasons why water right from your plumbing fixtures is better than bottled.

Take a look at these reasons why!

High water quality

Guess what? Most bottled water does not come from a bubbling mountain spring as the packaging would have you believe; it comes right out of a municipal water supply. Many brands of bottled water are nothing but glorified tap water. In fact, tap water is often of higher quality because it’s subjected to stricter government standards for safety and purity. Tap water undergoes water treatment to meet or exceed these requirements for cleanliness while bottled water doesn’t. Now that’s refreshing!

It’s affordable

If you’re anything like the average American that spends $100 per year on bottled water, then switching to tap water can save you a pretty penny. Costing as little as $0.49 per year, choosing tap water over bottled is a simple way to save money.

It’s eco-friendly

Each American uses an average of 167 bottles of water each year but only recycles about 38. As a result, more than $1 billion in plastic is wasted by ending up in landfills. Switching to tap water virtually eliminates this waste and reduces environmental impact.

Health concerns

Not only can plastic impact the environment but it can also have an adverse impact on your health. Even BPA-free plastic water bottles have been known to contain endocrine-disrupting toxins that can leach into the water over time or after being exposed to heat. Some samples of bottled water have even contained phthalates.

Our plumbing services can help you tap into all the ways you can enjoy high quality tap water in Seattle — some of the highest in the country — right from your faucet!

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