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The Basics of Waterline Replacement

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Laying Underground PipelineWithin the Seattle area, and really in most parts of the state, it is typical for homeowners to be responsible for the waterlines connected to their homes. These lines, underground piping that runs from your home to the street, are often susceptible to exterior damage. This means that even if you had nothing to do with it, a tree root could puncture the underground line and you’re footing the bill. As this is the case, let’s discuss in this month’s blog post the basics of waterline replacement. This way, you’re completely prepared, should something happen to your waterline.

Things to Consider

Of all the things we could suggest for you to take into consideration, these basic tips really solidify our thoughts.

  • Look for Signs – When your waterline flow is restricted, there will be signs that this is occurring. This could be a slow-flushing toilet or even a backup. The causes of restricted flow can include anything from grease that went down the kitchen drain or a foreign object that accidentally got flushed. Look for restricted flow, as this may mean that a waterline replacement is in your home’s future.
  • Have the Area Around Your Pipes Checked – Let’s face it, if there’s an older tree on your lawn that is close to your underground waterline, you may have to deal with a root issue. Roots can puncture these pipes without you even knowing. It’s crucial to have the area around your piping checked periodically. A plumber can help you assess if roots on the property might be an issue.
  • Financing is An Option – Let’s say you’ve gotten to a point where your waterline is too far gone to just be repaired, and instead, needs a full replacement. Fear not! This doesn’t have to break the bank. Something you should know about plumbing companies is this, if they really have you in mind, they’ll work out financing with you. The right plumbing company isn’t going to just tell you that “it’s your problem,” if you can’t afford to pay. The right plumber isn’t going to just walk away. The fact of the matter is, waterline issues are emergency issues. So, we don’t take them lightly.

Waterline Replacement is No Big Deal

Although the waterline replacement is on you and not the city, it’s really not a big deal. With the right team in place, who have knowledge and expertise in Seattle waterlines, you’ll be fine. We at Raymark Plumbing have spent decades perfecting our knowledge on our city’s waterlines, and so, we’re ready to tackle yours. Contact our professionals at 206-440-9077 today to assess your waterlines!



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