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How to Avoid Seattle Water Leaks and Pests in Seattle

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Avoid Seattle Water Leaks and PestsPlumbing leaks in your home provide the perfect opportunity for pests such as cockroaches and mice to enter your home, where they can cause structural damage and pose a potential health threat. Pests are like humans in that they can go for weeks without food but only days without water, which is why plumbing maintenance to prevent leaks is so important when it comes to pest control.

If you don’t want to share your home or your water with pests, then call the experts at Raymark Plumbing & Sewer where our professional plumbers can eliminate the problem at its source; water leaks. Our top notch Seattle leak detection service can find even the smallest pin hole leak that could be supporting a colony of pests in your home.

4 Things To Look At To Determine Plumbing Leak & Pest Problem

Take a look at these areas in your home to determine if you have a plumbing leak and pest problem.

  • Plumbing seals Remember to regularly inspect your plumbing seals and the wall around it for signs of a water leak, since these areas are especially vulnerable to plumbing leaks that could let pests in. The areas where your plumbing pipes enter the wall should be properly sealed with a physical barrier such as foam insulation, metal plates, or rubber gaskets to keep pests out.
  • Look under the fridge Because water is highly likely to pool under your refrigerator, it serves as a hotspot for insects and rodents. If you have a fridge with an automatic ice maker, you should be especially diligent about checking the water line that leads to the freezer. These lines are usually made out of plastic, and can become damaged and leak over time which can encourage pest activity.
  • …and under the dishwater too You might as well check the water lines of all your other plumbing appliances for signs of damage while you’re at it. This includes your washing machine hoses and your dishwasher. And don’t forget the moist areas under bathroom and kitchen sinks where drain p-traps are located. If you see dampness and signs of recent pest activity such as droppings or chewing, call us right away!
  • Anywhere you see pests or signs of them Sudden pest activity may not always be the result of a plumbing leak, but it’s still a good idea to investigate. If the areas where you see pest activity are stained or show other signs of a water leak such as mold, there’s a good chance a water leak is supplying the pests.

The only thing worse than dealing with water leaks is dealing with the pest activity caused by them! Call Raymark Plumbing & Sewer for Seattle plumbing repairs that can help to prevent pests!

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