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Avoid Burst Pipes in the Winter Season

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Laying Underground PipelineWhen temperatures start to drop, and winter is on the horizon, it’s important to keep your pipes protected. Doing what you can to prevent your pipes from freezing (and potentially bursting) will save you buckets of cash and loads of time. So, how exactly do you avoid burst pipes during the wintertime? Follow these steps to ensure this from happening:

5 Tips To Avoid Burst Pipes in Winter

  1. If you have a swimming pool, always drain the water from your supply line. This goes for your sprinkler system, too!
  2. Keep your garage doors closed…if there are water supply lines in your garage.
  3. If leaving the house, set your thermostat to a semi-warm temperature. When you leave for the day (and especially if you leave for a prolonged period of time), it’s important to keep your indoor temperature set to the same temp, during both the night and daytime. Your thermostat should be set to no less than 55 degrees, at all times.
  4. Check for water supply lines in non-insulated areas. Are you water supply lines in cold corners of your basement or attic, or in other areas that are not likely insulated? This could create a problem. It’s always best to have your supply lines running in insulated areas of your home.
  5. Call a professional. To ensure that your pipes don’t burst this winter season, call a plumbing pro to help you out!

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