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A Basement Sump Pump Installation is a Must For a Dry Basement

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A sump pump is a device installed in a basement to remove excess water that would otherwise cause flooding and structural damage. These systems are typically placed at the lowest point on the floor and will often have their own pit dug for installation. We cannot recommend sump pumps enough for regions that experience heavy rainfall. One lousy rainstorm is enough to flood a basement and cause irreversible damage. Don’t let your dry basement fall victim to the rain.

Keeping the Basement Dry

The primary reason why any homeowner would request a sump pump is to keep their basement or crawlspace dry. If the pump pit begins filling with water from heavy rain or a leak, the pump itself turns on and removes the excess water through a pipe leading outdoors. The slope built around your home will help keep water away from the structure.

Typically, sump pumps are electric and do not require special wiring to use correctly.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

Another primary benefit of installing a sump pump to for excess water removal is to reduce mold and mildew growth in the basement. If your basement is continuously damp, mold will grow and spread like wildfire. Mold, as you may know, is not just an unsightly mess, but poses health hazards to anyone nearby.

A dry basement prevents mold.

Added Value

Lastly, a professionally installed sump pump will add value to any home. A sump pump in good working order is an attractive system to a buyer and may raise the value of the house and property. Why? Because a basement that is dry is generally more structurally sound every time it rains. That’s a plus for any buyer.

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