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5 Tips for Unclogging Your Shower Drain

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unclogging shower drainYour shower drain gets a lot of crap during its lifetime. This can be hair, soap clumps, or maybe even bath toys that your little kiddo shoved down the drain. As such, it’s bound to get clogged at some point in time. Raymark Plumbing has some tips and tricks that you can do at home to easily unclog that shower drain that’s become clogged again!

Try These Tips

Sometimes, the source of the clogging problem might be right at the surface. Consider remove the immediate hardware of your shower drain – be it a grate or a stopper – and clean out any debris that’s lingering there. This could most likely be hair. Humans shed! So, this type of debris is totally normal.

Next, try a homemade mixture. No need to go out and buy the heavy duty stuff, if you have the products at home that mix together and make a solvent. Usually, baking soda and vinegar – poured in one before the other – can react together to break up debris.

Let’s be honest though, if you have plenty of shower-takers in your home, creating lots of debris, this at-home mixture may not work. You may have to go to a local hardware store to purchase a chemical waste removal product. This should penetrate straight to the clogging source.

Still nothing? A plunger can do the trick! It works on a shower drain much like it works on a toilet. Plunge in a traditional fashion until the drain runs smooth and doesn’t clog up.

Finally, you may need a handy tool. A wire hanger can be your go-to! Unbend the hanger from it’s traditional shape and straighten it out. Then, bend a sort of small hook on one end. Stick the hooked end down your shower drain – after you’ve removed the top grate or stopper – and fish it down the pipe like a plumbing snake. This will usually hit the debris, hook it on the end, and you should be able to pull out the source of  the clog.

Nothing Worked?

Don’t be afraid to call the professionals. Raymark Plumbing of Seattle knows that, sometimes, shower drains won’t easily become unclogged. Despite your many efforts and tricks, nothing’s working. Our qualified technicians are ready to assess your drain, unclog, and leave you to a blissful and unclogged shower! Contact us now: 206-440-9077 !

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