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5 Common Reasons for a Clogged Sewer Line in Your Seattle Home

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Plumbing systems, especially drains, require thorough cleaning regularly. You’ll want to avoid chemical cleaners from the local store, however. These solutions have proven rather harmful to modern plumbing systems. If you do not clean your plumbing, unfortunately, you risk a clogged sewer line, which leads to adverse health effects and costly repairs. These are the top five reasons for a clogged sewer line in your Seattle home!


Hair is one of the leading culprits in a sewer and drain blockage. Hair, which often is stuffed down the shower drain, binds with grease and sticky substances in the sewer line, thereby forming clogs. Dealing with a hair blockage is all about preventing the issue in the first place. Ensure your drains have guards in place to catch hair before it has the chance to enter your drains.


Most homeowners believe their plumbing is to wash away all waste, including dirt. That’s incorrect, though. While you want to remove excess dirt from you and your clothing, it may buildup and cause problems for your sewer line. Shake or rinse off excess dirt from your clothing outdoors first!

Tree Roots

Over time, a nearby tree may expand and its roots will penetrate the sewer line. If this happens, the roots will cause a serious blockage and leaking. The only fix is to remove the roots and reline the pipe.

Food Waste

Your plumbing system is connected to the main sewer line; even the kitchen sink. Food waste does not belong down the drain, even with a garbage disposal. Waste such as tea leaves and coffee grounds do not break down, thereby causing a blockage.

Mineral Buildup

Minerals that dissolve in hard water tend to buildup and cause a mass that blocks the sewer line. One solution is a water softener. If that is not available, you need to descale and remove built-up sediment regularly.

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